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Bruno Bond is waiting in the barber chair wearing boxer shorts and a t shirt. Richard Savvy, the Barber, approaches, clippers in hand, ready to buzz his head. Brunos cock begins to grow in his shorts. After the haircut, Bruno pulls off his shirt and lies back in the chair. Richard begins to lather his face with a brush in preparation for the shave. He pulls out a laser sharp strait razor and runs it stealthy across Brunos stubble. The tension builds as the razor moves down his throat. Rivers of soapy water run down his chest and begin to soak his white shorts while Brunos cock begins to throb. The Barber finishes the shave, walks around and yanks Brunos shorts down, exposing his eager cock. Richard then coats Brunos balls into a soapy lather and starts to shave his hairy balls, taint and puckered hole. As he shaves, he strokes Brunos hard cock. The Barber frees his own big cock from his trousers. Bruno strokes Richards cock, playing with his PA until the Barber blows a giant load followed rapidly by Brunos hot spunk. 
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